customer reviews


Beto Alvarez


"The Transform classes are a great way to stay fit with a  fun group of guys. The personal training sessions are tailor made to  your needs. 

It’s easier to stay motivated about  working out when the eye candy at the gym is naked. Doesn’t gymnasium  mean naked exercising? I highly recommend it. It’s very liberating."


Michael Bassford

 "I  am a 57 year old man who spent the last 20 years in a sedentary job.  I  was wanting to do something to regain my energy levels and start  feeling good about myself again.  I found Dean's ad and have to admit that it was very appealing.  So, I called for an appointment.

To my relief,  Dean was a very caring and non-judgmental  instructor.  I let him know my history of sedentary lifestyle and my  recent significant loss of weight to regain my health.  He is clearly  comfortable about being nude and he quickly put me at ease as we began  first assessing my fitness level and my goals.  I have a slight build  and have always found it difficult to add any muscle, which has been a  life long struggle.

My first 7 months with Dean have been very productive and I have seen  measured gains in my muscle mass and stamina.  Our sessions have  nurtured a positive professional relationship and a growing friendship.   I highly recommend Dean's services for all men at any fitness level who  want to improve their lives.  I look forward to a long relationship and  continued improvements in my fitness and physical appearance."


Dr. Steven Davidson

 "Dean  is an excellent trainer. He is competent, professional, and  makes  class fun to attend. His workouts are challenging, but there is always a  sense of accomplishment when completed. His friendly personality is a  plus for any man who might feel intimidated at the prospect of beginning  a workout program."

Charlie Poole

 "I am, likely, the oldest participant in Dean's Transform program. I'm in my 70's and I'm healthy and active! I can attest to Dean's professionalism, sincerity, honest, and expertise in what he offers. Plus, he is one of the nicest young men I've every met. He believes in the importance of what he offers, and he challenges us to grow in tolerance and strength, but always reminds us to be mindful of our own body's capability. As for the nudity; it frees us from the constraints of clothing and provides us all with an opportunity to view and appreciate the male body in various sizes, shapes, and colors."